10 Reasons to Bring your Dog on Holiday

Make your family holiday complete, bring your four-legged family member along too, for some well-deserved rest and relaxation! We bring you 10 reasons to enjoy a dog friendly holiday!

1. Holiday Photographs

No more holiday selfies! Your friends will thank you, instead bring the dog along and take cute pictures of him on the beach.

2. No need to feel guilty

You can relax and enjoy your holiday because your four-legged friend will be right by your side for the whole time. He can enjoy the holiday too!

3. Home from Home

‘Home is where the heart is’ and sometimes we can feel homesick even when we’re having a blast. The family dog can help small children settle in and stop them from feeling homesick while on holidays.

4. You know your dog(s) is safe

Free your mind and stop worrying while on holidays, you deserve a rest! When you bring your dog on holidays you’ll know he is safe and well-fed and most importantly, having the time of his life exploring all the new sights and smells of your holiday.

5. No kennel fees

Tired of expensive kennel fees or do you have to rely on a family member or friend to look after your dog(s). Save some money for your holiday and bring your furry friend with you too.
At Trident Holiday Homes the normal rate is €25.00* per pet – cheaper than a kennel or book a pet-friendly holiday home with cottages4you.ie and your dog can go for FREE!
*Charges can vary per property & location, please check with reservations +353 1 201 8440 for more information.

6. No member of the family is left behind

Here at Trident and cottages4you.ie we love dogs and understand you don’t want to leave a member of the family behind. Book a pet-friendly holiday home and your dog can come with you – making sure he’s just as much a part of the holiday memories as everyone else.

7. They’re bundles of fun

Nothing can make your holiday more fun than the happiness of a dog especially if you are traveling alone. Your four-legged friend will be the life and soul of your holiday – bringing endless fun to strolls along the beach and walks through the forest.

8. The best co-pilot

Why? They let you pick the music and they won’t make fun of your singing.
‘Are we there yet’ I’m sure is a phrase too often heard but a dog can help entertain and distract your children on long journeys.

9. An excuse to explore

A dog will give you an excuse to get out and explore your holiday destination. Need a conversation starter, a dog is also a great way to meet the locals and make new friends.

10. Dogs are welcome

Dogs are welcome at a number of Trident Holiday Homes and cottages4you.ie properties. So bring your dog on holiday and you don’t have to feel guilty for leaving him behind – making sure he’s just as much a part of the holiday memories as everyone else.

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